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  • Heroes Evolved PC Client Shutdown Announcement

    News December 8th

    Dear Players,


    Heroes Evolved PC Client has been online for more than one year. In the past year, we've worked together to make the game better. The matchmaking experience of North American servers, however, is extremely difficult despite our efforts. Therefore, with heavy hearts we announced that the game including the steam version will be officially closed at 16:00 on December 27th.


    As compensation for the closure of Heroes Evolved PC Client, all Tokens recharged within 3 months (September 9th - December 8th, 2017) will be returned to players in Heroes Evolved Mobile. Download the game here. The recharge amount will be sent to players' corresponding mobile account within 7 working days after the closure.


    Please file a ticket through the official website. Your ticket must contain the required information based on the following format:


    Category: Billing

    Subcategory: VIP Issues

    Subject: Refund to Heroes Evolved Mobile

    Message: Your Player Name (Heroes Evolved Mobile): XXXX

                    Your Player ID: XXXX

                    Your Server Name: XXXX

                    Amount Recharged (Heroes Evolved PC Client): XXXX USD


    Thank you very much for your support to The Heroes Evolved PC Client! We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.


    The Heroes Evolved PC Client Team

  • November Update - New Hero - Cyndi

    In-game events November 29th

    Get ready for some techno tunes and crank up the bass!

    Our all new hero Cyndi is entering the Heroes Evolved line-upa. As beats and rhythm are her weapons of choice, she is a true master of crowd control (pun intended). Her unique skills in battle and on stage will captivate not only you but more importantly her opponents. Have a look belew to find out more about her abilities:

    Cyndi sends out a sonic wave that deals magic damage to a trget location after 0.5 seconds. If 3 or more enemy targets are hit, enemies are stunned for 0.5 seconds and all cooldowns are reduced by 1 second.

      Ambient Trance

      Cyndi slows things down, dealing magical damage to enemies hit by her sonic wave and slowing movement by 50% for 0.5 seconds.

      Harmonic Chord (Passive)

      Deals passive magical damage to nearby enemies every time Cyndi casts an ability, while re-energizing her android cells.


      Everybody feel the beat! After 0.5 seconds cast time, up to 5 enemy Heroes are dealt 4 attacks of continuous magical damage with each attack triggering one instance of Harmonic Chord.

    Cydi comes with 2 alternative skins: Folk Starlet & Future Idol. The latter will be on discount for a limited time only. Grab it as long as you can for 700 gems instead of 1,000 gems.

    There will also be temporary discount events for Nezha, Mulan, Arborus, Dragos and Zed, so don’t miss out!

    And last, but certainly not least, we prepared 3 new exciting events for you:

      -The Lucky Draw

      -The Love Coins Quest

      -The Deck the Balls Event

    Make sure to check them out! 

  • September Update - New Hero - Lady Sun

    In-game events September 29th


    Another Monthly update on the horizon!

    We’ve added a brand new Hero to the game. Meet the enthralling Lady Sun. She’s a goddess, drawing her powers from cosmic sunrays to shape the flow of the battle. Make sure to check out her lovely unique skin as well, Fluttering Sylph. 

    You can obtain Lady Sun’s special skin at a discounted price of only 700 tokens (originally 1,000) right now, for a limited time only - act fast!

    But that’s not all we have for you in this update. There’s also a BE MERCENARY event going on! Earn piles of gold by striking down enemy Heroes in-game!

    Kill 2 heroes: 100 Gold

    Kill 6 heroes: 200 Gold

    Kill 12 heroes: 300 Gold

    See you all on the field of battle in Heroes Evolved!

  • New Hero - Estrath

    In-game events August 30th


    Greetings all Heroes!

    Introducing Estrath! Watch as this brand new hero brings changes to the meta and dynamic flow of the tried and true Heroes Evolved game. Whether you control, or face, this brand new addition to the roster, you’re sure to catch people off-guard with brand new abilities and emerging strategies.

    You can also pick up the exclusive skin for Estrath - Scarlet Musketeer! Assume this cool new look, and strike fear into the hearts of your enemies.

    We’ve also prepared a few special events for you! Earn extra gold and goodies in-game by completing certain tasks on the battlefield. See you there!


    In-game events August 15th

    Dear Players,

    After more than a year of hard-fought battles, we have news to share regarding the EU server Elysium. With a heavy heart, we regret to inform that we shall be closing Elysium (EU) from 30th August to improve the match-making experience. Zakar’s Domain (NA) shall remain unaffected.  

    To reward you for your loyalty, we shall refund all funds recharged during the 3 months leading up to server closure (05/18/2017 - 08/20/2017) to your Heroes Evolved Mobile account. 

    Refunds shall be notified via Mail and shall be completed from 18th - 29th August. 

    The server shall be formally closed alongside customer service channels following scheduled maintenance on 30th August. 

    Refund Applications: 

    Please create a character in Heroes Evolved Mobile edition or raise a Ticket notifying your existing account information via the Heroes Evolved PC client. We’ll need to know: 

    Heroes Evolved PC client ID: 

    Amount Recharged: 

    Heroes Evolved Mobile Server: 

    Heroes Evolved Mobile ID: 

    Ticket Help URL: http://www.r2games.com/support/?ac=issue&id=101

    We will review all information and release Tokens to your account within 3 - 5 working days. 

    We sincerely thank you for your heroism, passion and loyalty in playing Heroes Evolved PC client with us. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by server closure. 

    The Heroes Evolved PC Client Team 

  • Rufus Rises!

    In-game events July 26th


    Another month, another major update!

    This time, we’re unleashing RUFUS on the world of Heroes Evolved. Try this new rogue style character, and use his skills to chop your enemies to little bits. We’ve also got 2 exclusive Skins for RUFUS: the Sentimental Swordsman, and the Wandering Assassin.

    Right now, we’ve got a limited time offer on Rufus plus his Wandering Assassin skin for just 1260 Tokens! (Save 540!)

    We’ve also got brand new events for you! Take part in the Troop Killer contest to earn yourself some great Jewel Cards.

    Additionally, we’ve got the Love Coins Quest, and Love Pearls Events! Jump onto the game right now to discover all this stuff for yourself!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: June 30th - July 6th

    Heroes & Skins June 30th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from June 30th to July 6th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: June 23rd - 29th

    Heroes & Skins June 23rd


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from June 23rd - 29th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: June 16th - 22nd

    Heroes & Skins June 16th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from June 16th - 22nd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: June 2nd - 8th

    Heroes & Skins June 5th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from June 2nd - 8th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Hero On The Scene

    In-game events May 31st


    Welcome to the latest news for Heroes Evolved!

    Today, we bring you news of the heroic arrival of Gideon, along with his unique skin Runic Hammer.

    We've even got a special event to go along with this new hero, granting you rewards for doing damage and playing matches with him. There's also the new mercenary event, challenging you to kill heroes for up to 300 Gold in reward!

    And finally, we've got new treasure chests with better prizes & prices! Summer Treasure Chest now contains:

    - Running Quarterback (Electros)

    Poisonous Scorpion (Malachai)

    Totemic Centaur (Sylvana)

    Perfect Prefect (Jeanne)

    Ragnarok’n’Roll (Odin)

    Blazing Fists (Gideon)

    Guardian Claw wards

    Tiger General (Zhao Yun)

    See you on the battlefield!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: May 19th - 25th

    Heroes & Skins May 23rd


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from May 19th - 25th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • Murdoch hits the scene

    In-game events May 17th


    Murdoch is on the scene!

    This brand new Hero and his two unique skins are sure to shake things up!

    Pick up Murdoch, Hoarfrost Overlord and Thunder Dwarf now for a limited time discount.

    We’ve also got new events for you!

    Troop Killer

    During the event, complete the tasks to win the rewards:

    100 last hits: lv.1 Jewel

    200 last hits: lv.2 Jewel

    300 last hits: lv.3  jewel

    Love Coins Quest

    During the event, complete matches in-game to win LOVE COINS, using LOVE COINS to play LOVE SPINS

    Destroy 5 towers: lv.1 jewel card & 10 LOVE COINS

    Win 2 matches: 1 Day Hero Card & 10 LOVE COINS

    Kill 10 heroes: Double experience card & 10 LOVE COINS

    Accumulate 10k golds: Double gold (one win) & 10 LOVE COINS

    Love Spins

    Using 30 LOVE COINS to play LOVE SPINS to win different rewards, like jewel card, hero card, VIP card(3 months), & much more!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: May 12th - 18th

    Heroes & Skins May 15th


    Dear players,


    Here are this week's free heroes from May 12th - 18th.


    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: May 5th - 11th

    Heroes & Skins May 5th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from May 5th to 11th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • Avarice enters the fight

    In-game events May 3rd


    We’ve got another update for you!

    There’s a brand new hero joining the fray - Meet Avarice, the deathly beast from beyond.

    Complete games with this new character  between may 3rd and 16th to receive a bunch of cool gifts.

    There’s also a “Be the Mercenary” event. Go on an in-game killing spree to earn hundreds of extra Gold! There’s also a mysterious Lucky Draw event going on...


    And finally, we have a super discount on Knightly Glory - Odin - only 700 gems down from 1,000!

    See you all on the battlefields!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Apr 28th - May 4th

    Heroes & Skins April 28th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Apr 28th to May 4th .

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Apr 21st - 27th

    Heroes & Skins April 20th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Apr 21st to 27th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Apr 7th - 13th

    Heroes & Skins April 7th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Apr 7th to 13th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Mar 31st - Apr 6th

    Heroes & Skins March 31st


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from March 31st to April 6th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Mar 24th - 30th

    Heroes & Skins March 24th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from March 24th to 30th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • See what’s new in this month's update!

    In-game events March 22nd


    Hey everyone, it’s update time and you know what that means? In game events and new content time!

    First let’s give a warm welcome to Mulan, a character that needs no introduction. This princess is not how you remember her though, she is released alongside her Special Snowflake skin as well as being discounted by a whole third! Make sure you get her soon, pay attention to the Facebook page for more details.

    The ingame events will end on April 4th and reset daily, you have to be in it to win it! With Aid & Abet you need to help your allies turn the tide. Achieve a certain number of assists to receive your rewards. There is also the Lucky Draw event, cash in and score some random prizes! More info is available ingame. 

    There is something special for April fools day; Triple XP, Triple Gold and all Heroes will be unlocked, this is not a prank in the making by the way! Make sure to play during this time to be eligible for the events! You can visit the Facebook page here to stay up to date with any and all announcements!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Mar 17th - 23rd

    Heroes & Skins March 21st


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from March 17th to 23rd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Mar 10th - 16th

    Heroes & Skins March 10th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from March 10th to 16th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Mar 3rd - 9th

    Heroes & Skins March 3rd


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from March 3rd to 9th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Feb 24th - Mar 2nd

    Heroes & Skins February 24th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Feb 24th to March 2nd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • Weekly Event Changeover

    In-game events February 22nd


    It’s our favourite time of the week, the time where we publish our weekly update and change the aim of the game! We should say at this point, that we have a lot of players that feel one week is too short for events, we always listen to feedback and want to change what we can. So from now onthe weekly events will become…..monthly events!

    First of all we have not one, but TWO Heroes hitting the arena. Burninator will set the fields ablaze and put you on a hot streak. Gib & Gab the gruesome twosome will add the edge to your squad, don't get caught out by the despicable duo and get to know them early on. That’s not all though, Jane is now 30% off! Last chance to grab a deal whilst the discount applies, come to  add her to your collection ASAP.

    As always there will be specific quests to complete with both Heroes, check the in-game details for more information. As well as this we have a new Mercenary event: complete the kill count to earn rewards and some other nifty prizes. 

    The Lucky Draw event is also launched this week, test your relationship with lady luck and find out if the gods favour you. If not don't worry, you can always try again! The events will run up to March the 22nd.

    We would also like to take this opportunity to show you the new sections to our website. We have added a Hero’s Introduction section, under Game Info so you can find more information, stats and backstory on current Heroes. Don’t forget to check out our new Media page, you can find Wallpapers, Screenshots, Images and Videos we have posted around the internet. Now it’s in one easy to find place!

    You can visit the Facebook page here or join the community forums here!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Feb 17th - 23rd

    Heroes & Skins February 17th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Feb 17th to 23rd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • It’s In-Game Event Time!

    In-game events February 10th


    If you haven’t heard, the Heroes Evolved Championship has been delayed due to lack of qualified players. We don’t want to hinder anything else so let’s talk about this week! In-game you will find the new Aid & Abet event: help your allies to conquer the arena with Assists and earn yourself a nifty reward. 

    During Valentine’s Day there will be the Sweethearts Spoiled activity, which gives you triple XP, triple Gold AND access to all of the unlocked Heroes - because we love you all! There is also a Valentine’s Day sale: the more you buy, the more you save.

    Have you seen the new Hero on the rota? Play as Jane the fearsome femme fatale photographer and earn some prizes. Accumulate 100,000 damage to receive 100 Gold; then complete two matches in Altar of Strife or Valley of War to receive another 100 Gold. Rewards reset at 3am server time every day so jump onto the battlefield ASAP!

    Visit the Facebook page here or join your community here!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Feb 10th - 16th

    Heroes & Skins February 10th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Feb 10th to 16th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Feb 3rd - 9th

    Heroes & Skins February 3rd


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Feb 3rd to 9th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • All Star Winners Announced

    In-game events January 26th


    Firstly congratulations is in order for those that won, we started the All Star league to make eSports more accessible to everyone. There are so many players that didn’t so don’t be disheartened. There is always next month remember!

    We have the first All Star winners of 2017. Each player will receive a different level reward so always aim for first place! The February All Stars tournament will begin on February 1st until February 20th. Jump in the arena and start fighting, practice makes perfect!

    View our Facebook page here or join the online community here!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Jan 27th - Feb 2nd

    Heroes & Skins January 26th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Jan 27th to Feb 2nd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • Heroes Evolved is available on Steam!

    In-game events January 23rd


    We promised to keep you updated when Heroes Evolved goes online; well the time is finally here! We have been approved and will go online today (January 23) -- however there are some things we need to announce.

    The Steam account you use for Heroes Evolved will be different from the R2Games account that has been previously registered. We are looking into an official and easy way to switch accounts as an option. For now please be aware that if you download through Steam, you will have a new account and will not be able trade anything over into the new account for some time.

    The European version does vary slightly from the NA version, and is currently in the Beta period. We will make an announcement with the changes soon but don’t worry, it won’t affect the professional tournaments. If you have any suggestions for the EU version, please get in touch and let us know if we can make any improvements! You can do so by sending a message to our Facebook page here or join the online community here!

  • What’s in-game this week?

    In-game events January 22nd


    It’s been a busy start to 2017 for us: the Heroes Evolved Championship HEC 2017 has been announced, our mobile version has been released and we have these events for all of you!

    So the Lunar New Year begins soon, or Chinese New Year as it’s commonly known. To celebrate in our own way we are releasing three new themed characters. Zhao Yun, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei each come with their own fighting style and can be used in any team strategy you can think of! For a limited time they are available at a reduced price so be the first to master these Chinese masters! This trio is more effective than than the Three Musketeers and should be not be overlooked, stay tuned for individual information on these hot new Heroes on our Facebook page.

    Be a troop killer and score Jewel Cards, by getting up to 300 last hits. The Jewel system is unique and super effective at changing the tides of war. Sometimes your pre-game strategy can make or break a match. Whilst the event is live complete tasks in Altar of Strife & Valley of War, all quests will be reset at 3:00 server time and end on February 6th. Receive a level 1 card for 100 last hits, a Level 2 for 200 and a level 3 card for 300, easy peasy!

    Don’t forget our Love Coins, when you complete a match you will also receive Love Coins and other rewards. Use the coins in the Love Spins and win prizes, let us know what you win there are some super rare items available.Visit our Facebook page here or join your community here!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Jan 20th - 26th

    Heroes & Skins January 20th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Jan 20th to 26th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • Our EU Server is open!

    In-game events January 20th


    If you haven’t tried the mobile version of Heroes Evolved yet, you are really missing out! We have some unique features that blow the competition away. Such as our fog-of-war that reacts to your height in the arena, or our unique balancing system that keeps the playing field level. You can even build your own strategy with in-game items and rebuild your own custom Hero! Download it here from the Google Play store.

    Along with our brand new mobile version, we have also opened an EU server for PC players making this the one-stop home for all European fans! We plan to open many more, so let us know where you are playing from. As well as the new server, we have also released 3 new language packs in French, German and Russian to give you the same action packed experience in your native language. To celebrate, we will host some in-game events so make sure you check them out and win that loot.

    Not only have we all been working hard on new languages, new servers and unique features, we will also have the PC version available on Steam very soon. As Steam have a high quality vetting process we have had to make sure that we meet their standards - and we passed with flying colors! Stay tuned for more details soon.

    To boost our community outreach we have also teamed with ViClans, a new app that connects players with other players. We will have another surprise waiting for you in a few months, but download today as we will be releasing Heroes Evolved Keys for free items very soon. Exclusively available for ViClans users only - download here and control your community!

    Don’t forget to follow our Facebook page here for current news, or join the community forums here to get involved!

  • We’re going Mobile!

    In-game events January 17th


    We have been releasing new information on Heroes Evolved recently, from new features, to championships and even in game events. There is some huge news that we need to tell you about, we are proud to announce that we are coming to Android and iOS! 

    Heroes Evolved will be launching on mobile devices January 16th. With an iOS version being released the week after, alongside an EU server being launched to accommodate players around the globe.

    The mobile version will be slightly different but will have competitive ranked matches, new Heroes and even more events! The intuitive controls separate Heroes Evolved from the rest, with a focus on truly balanced gameplay. By using items players can build their own strategy, as each Hero uses 4 skills innately. There is also a unique feature with our fog of war, players can use the map to their advantage. By gaining higher ground you can see more of the map, stay down and you won’t see what’s coming. 

    We are so excited to see what you think, make sure you let us know!

    Pay attention to our Facebook page here to stay up-to-date on all news, or join your community here and get involved!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Jan 13th - 19th

    Heroes & Skins January 12th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Jan 13th to 19th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • New Events This Week!

    In-game events January 11th


    Hi, hello and hey players! We’re back bringing you our regular events to keep the arena shaken up.

    We noticed several lone wolfs in some matches we played so thought, hey what if we encourage people to work together? The best eSports teams work as a single unit so why not give rewards for assists! This week, complete matches and obtain assists to receive a level 1 / 2 / 3 Jewel Card for 5 / 15 / 25 assists respectively. Aid & Abet your team to become the arena champions.

    In our New Year Painting Fun event, complete matches in Altar of Strife & Valley of War to receive Paintbrush, Paper and Paints. These three items together create a New Year Painting to redeem a New Year Gift Pack. Open it to receive New Year Coupons that can be exchanged in the event menu for all sorts of items! Watch out for some super special limited items available daily.


    There’s many more items available beyond what is limited, so make sure you check in-game!

    Pay attention to our Facebook page here to stay up-to-date on all news, or join your community here and get involved!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Jan 6th - 12th

    Heroes & Skins January 6th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Jan 6th to 12th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • The first All Star event of 2017!

    In-game events January 4th


    Happy New Year everyone! *Plays Auld Lang Syne* We partied hard into 2017 and celebrated the success of Heroes Evolved. Our All Star Tournament goes live today, you can read more here about how to participate. Make sure you do because there will be incredible opportunities for every player.

    If you are placed on the leaderboard, the top 100 players will be gifted some awesome prizes. Get into the spirit of eSports with the Heroes Evolved All Star Competition.


    We’re still powering through 2017 with regular events, updates and activities. If you have an idea or an opinion, let us know because we love to hear what players think.

    Our first task this week gives you the chance to be a stone cold mercenary. There’s a bounty on the head of Heroes, so destroy your enemies in Altar of Strife or Valley of War to win Gold. Kill 2 Heroes for 100 Gold, 6 Heroes for 200 Gold and 12 kills for 300 Gold! Quests will reset at 3am server time. 

    Don’t forget about the Lucky Wheel, spend Gems to spin and receive a reward! You could win the Cracker New Year skin for Vince; powerful Heroes Magicka and Crystal; 3 Day VIP Cards; or a 3 Day Skin Card for Dreadnaught (Ares) - as well as a 3 Day Skin Card for Bionic Seductress (Lilith). If that’s not your thing and you prefer to get skins the old fashioned way, we are discounting Pandora’s Mirror Mirror skin down to 560 Gems! If you use the Mirror Mirror skin to complete a match you’ll receive a Random Lv. 2 Jewel Card, how fast can you say “easy win”?

    Pay attention to our Facebook page here to stay up-to-date on all news, or join your community here and get involved!

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Dec 30th to Jan 5th of 2017

    Heroes & Skins December 30th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Dec 30th to Jan 5th of 2017.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • You don’t have to be a pro, to be an All Star!

    In-game events December 28th


    After our hugely successful Heroes Evolved Championship and our World Finals we wanted to create a tournament that everyone could enter. Since we have players from all around the world, with all different skill levels, we wanted to include as many players as possible.

    This year in 2017, the Heroes Evolved All Star Competition will begin! This competition will be open to more players so they can get a taste of eSports, and the opportunity to host more in game events. You never know who will become the next master of Heroes Evolved.

    Between the 1st and 20th of every Month, between 1900 and 2200 server time, the matches will be held. If scheduling changes we’ll be sure to let you know. The January match will begin on January 4th and end on the 20th as normal. Please remember that you must be level 3 or higher, have rating points of at least 1300 and have no more than two abandoned matches.

    The rewards system will be dealt for the top 100. The top 20 will receive a seal to prove their worthiness in battle. All Stars will use the same map as Altar of Strife but can only be played in a solo match. When the All Stars event is open, a new map option will appear, called AoS All Stars.

    We hope you are as excited as us, to see what 2017 will bring! 

    Visit our Facebook page here, and join your community here.

  • The last week of 2016!

    In-game events December 28th


    Happy Holidays to all of our wonderful supporters! We had an awesome Holiday weekend but now it’s back to the hard work of making sure Heroes Evolved is the best game it can be. The last week of 2016 deserves to go out with a bang, and that’s exactly what we are doing! 

    If you play between the 31st of December and 1st of January you are in for a treat, with some New Year's Reso-Logins! With ALL Heroes unlocked for you and triple XP for every match it’s just another way we can say Thank You for your support through the year. If you complete a matchmade game on New Year’s Day, and you could win 1000 Gold as well as a 50% Discount Hero Card!

    Until the 3rd of January we are slashing the Gem fee for Vince’s new Cracker New Year skin, to just 700 gems! Don’t forget to collect Love Coins too, these can be used in mini games where you can win even more awesome prizes. Play matches in Altar of Strife or Valley of War, and complete the quests to receive Love Coins. Quests are refreshed every day at 3am, local server time. Plugins and Cheaters will be penalized. 

    That’s not all though, you can play pinball with Love Coins: wherever the ball lands, that’s the prize you win! You can also purchase New Year gift packs which contain a New Year Nameplate and 360 Love Coins for only 300 Gems. Playing Pinball you could win: a Lv. 2 Random Jewel Card; a Cracker New Year skin; a Name Change Card; a Late Check In Card; a 3 Day Bonnie Play Card; a 3 Day Angelus Play Card; A Double XP Card (for 10 Wins); a 3 Day Alfred Play Card; as well as a Treasure Chest Key. Phew, that is a lot of prizes!

    There is also our Red Packet Pack-a-Punch event, that closes 23rd of January. During this event you will receive two New Year Red Packets every week - but can only open one every day. After opening 10 packets you’ll earn a Super Red Packet, and a chance to win a new Skin or Hero!  Don’t miss out on a free Red Packet - or just spend Gems to recover it!

    New Year Red Packets may contain:

    Heroes: Solus, Poseidon, Topsail or Magicka. 

    Skins: Strawberry Loving (Lulu); Killer Bunny Girl (Elvira); Holy Crusader (Jeanne); Crimson Virtuoso (Pandora); Double Happy (Wendy)

    Items: Lv. 3 Random Jewel Card; Lv. 2 Random Jewel Card; VIP Card (for 3 Days); Double Gold Card (for 10 Wins); Double XP Card (for 3 Days); Double XP Card (for 3 Days); Late Check In Card; Name Change Card; Treasure Chest Key.


    Super Red Packets may contain

    Heroes: Chou; Cao Cao; Crystal.

    Skins: Eclipse Marauder (Raven); Rockstar Hoodlum (Grom); Father Christmas (King Tut.)

    Items: Lv. 3 Random Jewel Card; Monthly VIP Card; Treasure Chest Key; Name Change Card.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Visit our Facebook page here, and join your community here.

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Dec 23rd - 29th

    Heroes & Skins December 23rd


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Dec 23rd to 29th.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved! 

  • We’re releasing the Frozen Treasure!

    In-game events December 21st


    Hey everyone,

    We want to let you know what’s inside our new Treasure Chests. This month, players have the chance to receive one of the following skins; Father Christmas (King Tut), Poinsettia Mistress (Clarice), Tannenbaum Tortoise (Tortus), Rainbow Ice (Magicka), Mistress of Frost (Crystal), Bunny New Year (Lapina) and Double Happy (Wendy). In Rare and Epic Chests you’ll also have a small chance to win a Snowman Avatar with special effects - or a new Nosferatu Skin, not to mention the random possibility of Eye See You, Bright Crescent or Frog Sense skins for your wards. The keys for any Frozen Treasure Chests will not be available until 3rd of January, but they are discounted to just 999 Gems.

    As a special festive treat for our players, we’re offering triple XP and triple Gold for the whole of Christmas Day! On the 25th of December, simply log in and complete any match to receive 1000 Gold. And take a look at the troops, they are getting into the Xmas spirit wearing their tiny Santa hats!

    We also have 2 new heroes available: Crystal and Magicka make their way to the arena to prove a point. Until the 27th of December, each hero is on-sale for just 480 gems. Take advantage while the sale lasts, because these cool heroes can bring some serious heat.

    Focusing on magic damage, Crystal shows she has a cold heart. She can pierce and freeze enemies, slow down multiple foes at once and call upon a huge blizzard at will. You’ll need to get close to take her down, so make sure you have speed on your side.

    Magicka uses her cards, but she doesn’t play games! Watch her sleight of hand because she may just play a trick on you. She can cut you down with a flying card or boost her stats with a lucky draw. Don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s an illusion - these cards pack a punch.

    To stay updated follow our Facebook page here, and join the community forums here.

  • The World Champions are Crowned!

    Tournament December 21st


    It’s been several days since the 2016 Heroes Evolved World Championship ended. Team C from North America and Full Louis from Vietnam visited Fuzhou City in China to compete for glory. The whole event was exciting from start to finish and every team had a great time. With a prize pool of over 2 million CNY we gathered lots of attention worldwide. 

    After 4 days in Fuzhou, the finale was a huge celebration for everyone involved. Unfortunately Team C were knocked out but that didn’t hinder their spirit. They celebrated despite losing and were renowned for their positive attitude. The World Final Champions are EP, who hail from China. Securing the final round was no easy feat, EP fought bravely and as a team utilized quick thinking and strategy. In 2017, you could be crowned the new World Champions for Heroes Evolved!


    Since September 2016, Heroes Evolved has attracted over 200,000 players, in only 3 short months. With huge plans for 2017 we can’t wait to see what the new year brings. We will invest in more servers, more languages and more resources for high quality tournaments. We aim to offer a prize pool up to $500,000 USD, for the All Star competition and professional eSports championships.  We will continue to have regular updates and optimize user experience - but more importantly, we will listen to YOU ,our players and our fans. In a few short days we will open a brand new server in the EU, and release the highly-anticipated mobile version shortly after on Android.


    Next year we will host two tournaments, an All Star Altar of Strife as well as another Heroes Evolved Championship, aimed at professional eSports players. The All Star competitions will be solo matches with no matchmaking, but an award will be involved. Held monthly and with a daily leaderboard, there will be special prizes for the top 20 players. 

    The Heroes Evolved Championship will begin in the 1st season, January to March, alongside an offline competition in the USA held around June. Make sure to pay attention to our blog and Facebook page for any news!

    A special thank you to all the teams and audience members who attended, as well as those who were involved in the Heroes Evolved World Championship event. We also want to thank the players who competed, and those that play every day. You’re the reason we do what we love and we are proud to make an exciting game, that is enjoyed by thousands of players around the world!

    Visit our Facebook page here, and join your community here.

  • World Finals Begin!

    In-game events December 16th


    It wasn’t long ago we announced the online tournament, now the World Finals are here! Held in

    Haixi Animation City, Changle in the Fujian province, the no-expense-spared arena comes to life. With approval and permission from CBS, the arena has been modelled after the USS Enterprise. Yes that USS Enterprise, from Star Trek.

    If the arena visuals give an indication of what to expect, this is going to be one of the most exciting esports matches, the industry has ever seen. The Heroes Evolved World Championship is a four-day tournament, where the best teams from China, North America, and Southeast Asia will compete for title of, 2016 World Champions and cash prizes totaling over 2 million Chinese yuan! Bringing the total prize pool of Heroes Evolved Tournaments in 2016, to a staggering 15 million+ yuan.

    Until the 18th of December, 10 teams from around the world will compete in a sci-fi fans fantasy, for the grand prize. During the Group Stage, 8 teams from China will be sorted into two groups of four teams. Each group will play in a single round robin, best of 2 (BO2) match-up. Group A consists of GT, STK, EHOME, and MG; Group B consists of WE, EP, LGD, and AG. The top three teams from each group will be split into 2 divisions based on their rankings, and continue onto the knockout stage. Team C, who are representing the American continent, and FL, representing Southeast Asia, will then join and compete for the title of World Champions.

    The World Finals are not the only exhilarating event, as the mobile version of Heroes Evolved will be spotlighted at the venue. eSports professionals will be invited to play exhibition games during tournament intervals,with the audience able to experience the excitement of the mobile edition alongside.

    Make sure to watch this 4 day competition with an arena brought to life from science fiction, world-class competition, and a 2 million yuan prize all come together in Fuzhou for the Heroes Evolved World Championship.

    Check out the Facebook page here, and join the community here.

  • THEMIS Major update

    In-game events December 12th


    Hey everyone, 

    We want to let you know, when you send a message telling us what you think, or giving us some suggestions. We always read them, it takes a few days because of the amount of players we have. That number grows every day and we thank you all for supporting us, from the very beginning to just now. We listen, we think and we plan. We are gamers ourselves and we want to treat our players how we would want to be treated.

    This month’s update focuses on match balancing, we are happy to announce that we have made amendments to most of the hero abilities, items and gear. We have done this to ensure matches are not one-sided, and will continue to be a challenge no matter what your level. 

    In addition, we have added a mentor function. If you are level 15 or lower you can be ‘mentored’ by another player who level 20+. When you reach level 20 you both receive an award, Whilst you can only be mentored by one player, a level 20+ player can mentor up to 5! Dissolving a mentor process will not affect in-game friendships. Help the community and help yourself at the same time.

    We have also summoned two new heroes for you, please welcome King Tut and Jackaroo!

    King Tut is ancient and awake, using his ghoulish abilities he can frighten the life out of most foes. With a good health level and a mixture of magical and physical damage. It’s worth giving this old god a go!

    Jackaroo comes from a land down under, which is more likely to be Hell than Australia. This high speed marsupial deals pure, physical damage. Don’t get too close to the fists of fury! 

    Click here to view the update page for details. For more information on the new Heroes, check out our Facebook page here, you can always join the community forums here.

  • New Weekly Free Heroes: Dec 16th - 22nd

    Heroes & Skins December 16th


    Dear players,

    Here are this week's free heroes from Dec 16th to 22nd.

    Hope you enjoy in Heroes Evolved!

  • TeamC heads to the Orient for the Heroes Evolved World Championship!

    Tournament December 9th


    The time has come for the Heroes Evolved world championship, held in China later this month. Expect toe curling, adrenaline pumping action as the world's best go head to head to compete for the grand prize - as well as the honour of being named the Heroes Evolved World Champions! 

    The team that will attend and compete will be TeamC, as the winning team did not meet the eligibility criteria. Unfortunately the announced winners, Team Synergy, are unable to fly to China on the date of the tournament. So we have asked TeamC as the next eligible team to take their place. We invited them to come to China to compete and they jumped at the chance!

    TeamC, as they are commonly called, was founded in 2014 and play other games such as StarCraft 2, League of Legends and Infinite Crisis. After merging with Team Liquid they have become a powerhouse of skill and talent. Their team currently holds the top two leaderboard positions. Hpaik and Cow, the team Captain, are ranked #1 and #2 respectively. The two players have also won every North American Infinite Crisis Master Duelist 2v2 match during their championship. TeamC are no strangers to ARTS games and are definitely one of the favorites to win the World Finals.

    Teams from across China, North America and Southeast Asia will compete for a huge prize pool of 2 million RMB, just shy of $300,000 USD. Between December 15th to the 18th, make sure you pay attention to our Facebook page for more details, this is not your average esports tournament! 



    Keep an eye out for more details on the Facebook page here, and don’t forget to join the community forums here.

  • Beauty and the Feast Major Update

    In-game events November 29th


    November has been a crazy time for us, between our first ever tournament and this month's update, we have been rushed off our feet. It was also Thanksgiving, one of those special times we share with family, have a great dinner and you get to play video games all day. We hope you had a great month!

    This update is called Beauty and the Feast for several reasons. The first being the big, beautiful, major changes that will make the UI look much better and easier to navigate. The client is also getting a new look and feel, when you log in don’t be shocked. We have also made some major changes and completely redesigned the experience. Since it was Thanksgiving, or Turkey day as we like to call it, we wanted to do a special event related to the day of saying thank you! Let’s see what you can expect.

    In this update we are introducing a brand new hero Chronos - master of time and space. Chronos is an intelligence melee hero, also well known as a nuker and disabler. Between November 30 to December 6 Chronos is at a discount, players can also try this hero for free during Thanksgiving Event.

    Another major feature in this update is the new treasure chest system, and we are releasing our first Beauty Feast Treasure. Players have a chance to receive Treasure Chests by completing Solo and Party matches, while keys for opening Treasure Chests can be found in the Store. Open the Treasure Chest to find out what items are in it. Players will not receive duplicates until they have received one of each guaranteed item. Some players might be lucky enough to receive rare bonus items in addition to the guaranteed items. In our first Chest, there is a super rare hero set - Feathered Spirits for one of the most popular heroes Minerva.

    In future updates players will also be able to trade varied Treasure Chests, as well as rare bonus items, at the Trading Post with other players via Gems. Players can also dissolve duplicates from the Treasure Chests into points to purchase other items. 

    You can find out more details in our featured update page here.

    Let us know what you think of the update via the Facebook page here, or join the community forums here.

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    In-game events November 23rd


    Hey everyone, 

    Happy Thanksgiving! It’s a time to give, share and be thankful for everything we have. We want to thank you, for supporting us and helping us achieve a huge goal we want to reach! We have been very lucky to have dedicated players such as yourself, and for that we can not thank you enough.

    Let’s get started on our Thanksgiving event! First we have a huge sale on skins between 23rd to the 29th November, over 50% off in fact. We have The Golden knight skin for Clarice; Golden Queen for Cleopatra, the Immolation Avenger for Apollo and Elven Kingship for Aiden. All of these are only 749 Gems each, that’s a massive saving so make sure you seize the opportunity! 


    We also have some Heroes on discount, but here’s the kicker. The more Heroes you obtain, you the more discount you receive! If you get Venom; Julius, Minos, Rockman or Saya. The next will be discounted even further, get all five for the largest discount! Offers only available from 23rd of November to the 29th. Take advantage whilst you can!

    Got a question or have any feedback? You can message the Facebook page here, or join the forums here.

  • This week’s events and Heroes Evolved Champions!

    Tournament November 16th



    We had some incredible matches during the tournament but did you see the final! I have never curled my toes as much in my life; it was intense, hilarious, devastating and a true rollercoaster of emotion.

    If you didn’t catch it shame on you, but here are the links to the livestreams that were recorded.

    You can find the first round here.

    The penultimate second round here.

    And the intense final here.

    We also want to celebrate the finals and Team Synergy for winning, so we’re reducing the Gem cost of the Heroes used by Synergy, by a massive 50%! Be quick though, offer ends on the 22nd November. 


    We have a special guest joining the rota, Psion is an awesome new Hero that has just arrived. To celebrate his arrival we’re reducing his Gem fee by 20%! This is one psychic you don’t want to read your future.

    He can create a storm that deals physical damage in a straight line. Throw a ball of insects that transfers some power to Psion and deals extra damage, if you’re solo don’t fight him alone! His Psionic Bully ability grants extra damage when none of your allies are nearby. His ultimate makes his armour invisible, be cautious as he could have more health than you think! 



    We wanted to add a little more fun to the main menu, so we added a lucky wheel event! You can trade Gems for spins and win some cool prizes, from new Heroes like Psion or CaoCao, to VIP Cards and Resurrection Stones. There is even a 3 day play card for Methos up for grabs! Tell us what you think. 

    Send a message to the Facebook page here, or join the forums here.

  • Announcing the Heroes Evolved Championship 2016 Winner

    Tournament November 15th


    Congratulations to team SYNERGY, winner of the 2016 HEROES EVOLVED CHAMPIONSHIP.

    SYNERGY started out in second place on the 1st day of Group Stage, and overtook RAGETEAM to be #1 on the second day. They then continued to stick in first place with a high score of 2735 and a win rate of 89% until the end of Group Stage. Then in the first day of Playoffs, SYNERGY beat TEAMC with the score of 2:0 to qualify for the finals. Things moved on to the the final match: SYNERGY vs EMPIRE.

    First Round. SYNERGY had a very strong start, controlling the map to make sure EMPIRE had no opportunity to make any early plays. SYNERGY took the Zakkar buff and went for a hard push, but EMPIRE held strong in their defences, and turned it around. EMPIRE won!

    Second Round. SYNERGY again comes out strong in their early game, leading the game until the midterm. As the EMPIRE carry gained strength, the fight started to heat up, with both teams showing extreme skill in a balanced matchup. The game went on for over an hour, and SYNERGY made their move by seizing a critical opportunity, and winning the game!

    Third Round. EMPIRE started playing very aggressively from the get-go this round, leading the game early on. The battle raged and blows were exchanged, but a series of well seized opportunities and clutch plays lead SYNERGY to take victory in the end.


    This intense final match ended with a score of 2:1 for SYNERGY, making them the ultimate winners in this tournament!

    Congratulations to all the members of SYNERGY for a well deserved victory.

    XiAoXiaO - Antonio Ponte

    ?Mysterious? - André Matheus

    Copper - Leonardo Yudi

    Kyou - Lucas Akira

    iCezX - Joilson Santos

    We hope Synergy will carry on the fight on behalf of America in the upcoming world final taking place in China this December.

    Finally, we’d like to thank all teams, players, and audience in HEROES EVOLVED for their support and effort in making this championship a success. We will strive to bring you more wonderful and exciting competitions as the game continues to Evolve. See you next year!

    To watch the replays for yourself, check out Heroes Evolved on Twitch.Tv.

    The first round can be seen here.

    The second round is viewed here.

    The important, final round can be watched here.

    To join the community, head over to the Forum, or send us a message directly on Facebook.

  • Heroes Evolved Championship finals!

    Tournament November 10th


    What a tournament, we have had easy wins and hard losses! All teams fought with great spirit and we thank every player for participating and watching. We aim to hold regular events, especially when we had so much fun with our first. We work extremely hard to make sure the competitions are fun, fair and entertaining.

    We are very excited to announce, the semi finals will be streamed via Twitch. Both matches will take place on November the 11th, at 20:00 EST.

    The first match will be Synergy vs TeamC, and the second match will be RAGETEAM vs EMPIRE, the matches can be viewed on the Tournament page.

    Thank you for your support! We look forward to announcing the finals! 

    You can always send a message the Facebook page here, or join the community forum here.

  • This week’s events: 11.09-11.15

    Heroes & Skins November 9th


    I hope everyone is having an awesome time, with the US elections, the Heroes Evolved Championship and the in game events this week, it’s going to be a roller coaster of emotion!

    We have an incoming Hero!CAOCAO is ready to hit the field. With his sword skills he can become immune and slow players, all whilst dealing damage, he can increase his critical hit chances as his health runs low, and become invincible and incredibly strong as his ultimate attack! Every normal attack he makes, adds damage to the next while in his ultimate form.

    We’re making a huge discount this week to celebrate the new guy! Get him now for only 640 Gems, offer ends 15th November.

    During this week we also have added quests, compete in Altar of Strife or Valley of War, to be eligible to win the rewards. So what can you win?

    If you can cause accumulatively 100,000 damage in-game, you’ll receive 100 Gems. Alternatively, by completing 2 matches in Altar of Strife or Valley of War you obtain 2 Resurrection Stones. Servers will reset at 3am EST to start all over again, we are monitoring the use of plugins and glitches. Players are reminded if you act inappropriately, we will remove the offending account.

    You can always send a message the Facebook page here, or join the community forum here.

  • The final four teams are...

    Tournament November 7th


    Hey everyone, 

    We are ready to announce the final four teams! A huge congratulations is in order, to those that made it through. If you did not make the championship playoffs this time, practice makes perfect! Get ready for the next tournament and come back with a vengeance.

    The four teams that will be competing for a share of $60,000 USD will be: 

    Team 1. Synergy

    Team 2. RAGETEAM

    Team 3. EMPIRE

    Team 4. Team C

    More details will be released shortly, but for now, congratulations you four! We look forward to seeing who will be crowned the champions!

    Stay up to date with game news and championship details on our Facebook page here, or join the community here

  • The time has come -Heroes Evolved Championship!

    Tournament October 28th

    Hi players,

    Push up your glassess and Sniff!

    Here comes the Heroes Evolved group stage!

    The first round of matches will start from 28th October to 6th November, approximately 19:30 to 22:30 EST.

    Points are gained for winning matches, and lost for losing matches. The 4 teams with the most points at midnight on 7 November will enter the Playoffs.

    Players who have signed up successfully for Heroes Evolved Championship will have access to the tournament server after login.

    Step 1. Login with your signed-up account and make it through to "Select server" page, click “Game Server”to enter tournament server.


    Step 2. Locate " Reward" icon and collect all the necessary items for the coming battle.


    Step 3. Go to " GLYPHS" page and make your JEWEL SLOT full-inserted with jewels of different attribute at your own will.


    Step 4. Leaders send out invitations to his teammates and start matchmaking by clicking " Find the match" after  confirmations from his teammates. (A full team must consist of 5 members)

    Step 5. Fight for you glory!

    PS: 1. Please restart your client under administrator's mode if you have a frozen Heroes Evolved logo running the client.

    2. You should close the tournament server and relogin with your registered account,select ”Original Server“ if you want to continue enjoying Heroes Evolved after Group Stage. 

    If you have any questions you contact us via the Facebook page here, or join the community here.

  • November Weekly Events: 11.02-11.08

    Tournament October 27th


    Hey everyone,

    We hope you had an awesome holiday, Halloween is one of the biggest parties of the year!

    To help you recover from the crazy weekend, we’re giving you some super rewards, just for playing.

    Until the 8th of November, you can score some prizes for kills, assists or destroying towers.If you score 5 kills you will receive a Resurrection Stone. If you pull off 10 assists you will be gifted Omniscience, but destroy a tower and get a Teleport Stone for each one!

    What are you waiting for? Jump in and go bezerk now! 


    If that’s not enough, we’re also hosting a sale on Double XP cards. Until the 8th of November we’re knocking 25% off, get involved and level up! A 10 win card is reduced to only 30 Gems, but a 3 day card is only 75 Gems! Take advantage while you can!

    Every week we plan to bring you new events, we have some great ideas but you’ll have to check back to find out. Each Wednesday we will include some quests or missions that you can complete, in return you will be rewarded with awesome in game items. If you have an idea for an event, let us know!

    Don’t be afraid to message the Facebook page here, or join the community forums here.

  • Spooky Halloween Events!

    In-game events October 27th


    Hey players,

    A special thank you for all your support with Heroes Evolved, we really want to make an awesome game and you guys are helping us do that everyday! For the holiday of Halloween we have a bunch of events we can’t wait to share with you!

    Up until the 1st of November, you can collect skins for some of your favourite Heroes. The Halloween party collection consists of; the Be-Witching skin for Saya, the Red Riding Wolf skin for Wolfram, the Foxy Courtesan skin for Daji, and the Rockstar Hoodlum skin for Grom. If you collect the Halloween party skin you will also receive the Dino Baby skin for Lulu free!

    This is only the first event, if skins aren’t your thing, I know rank points are! We also have some Halloween Exclusive Rankings. Until the 1st of November you will receive 20 EP (Event Points) for all wins in either Altar of Strife, or Valley of War. However, you will only win 10 EP per win in the Fields of Honor.If you don’t manage to score more than 500 EP before the 1st of November, not to worry. You can purchase event points with Gems so your hard work is not in vain! Maximum purchase of 500 gems applies.




    As well these awesome giveaways, we are unlocking all Heroes for our All Heroes Eve event! On the 31st October, play as any Hero to get a taste. Try the new and classic champions to see what they can do!


    Our final event holds many surprises, the Halloween Pumpkin Carving event will begin on November the 2nd until November the 8th. During this time all pumpkin heads contain gifts, you can purchase Pumpkins and open them, to receive random hero or skin packs. These gift packs can be combined or used immediately. Any three hero gift packs can be merged into a random permanent hero, and any three skin gift packs can be exchanged into a random permanent skin.

    If you would like to get in touch, you can use our Facebook page found here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

    Happy Halloween!

  • New Heroes hit the Arena!

    Heroes & Skins October 26th

    Hey Everyone!

    We have two heroes joining the fight, SIR CEASE and GROM have come to conquer the arena! 


    SIR CEASE is a lawful evil Hero, he maintains order through cold justice! He is great at challenging foes one on one, but may be no match for a ranged opponent. His skills can cause direct damage, or deliver a negative buff. He’s literally, a deadly character.  


    GROM is possibly the cutest Hero we have. Just look at that smile! His incredibly high health, make him great for drawing attention. Allowing your team to cut down the competition. His strength lies in his skills! He can pull a single enemy towards himself and cause direct damage to several players!

    Finally,for the first week we are offering 30% off, for a cool 560 gems each!

    You can also get in touch with us on our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

  • HEC sign up details found here!

    Tournament October 25th

    Hey Players,

    As you know, we have an awesome tournament coming up, with the opportunity of a lifetime! With a cool $60,000USD prize pool for the final four teams, as well as a trip to China to compete in the world finals, for the winning team!

    The Heroes Evolved Championship will begin on 28th October, with sign-ups ending October 31st. The process to join couldn’t be any simpler, just make sure you have your team ready to sign up and in your friends list!


    Step 1. Locate the TOURNAMENTS button, once you have opened the client.


    Step 2. Click the MORE button, to open the tournament section.


    Step 3. Click MY TEAM to create a NEW TEAM then add your teammates!


    Step 4. Add your team to this section, and review some minor stats


    Step 5. Click SIGN UP to confirm your participation, this will change to SIGNED UP


    Step 6. Locate your matches by clicking MY MATCHES.

    All you have to do now, is wait until your match is up and practice, practice, practice! If you’re a new player, visit our forum to find some teammates. Don’t forget you can also get in touch with us on our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here

    Good luck, have fun and see you on the battlefield!

  • Heroes Evolved Championship Details

    Tournament October 20th

    Dear players, 

    Here you can find the rules for the first Heroes Evolved Championship, anyone can enter if they meet the criteria. You can also find these rules on the signup menu, ingame.

    The first Group Stage will take place: 28 October - 6 November. Followed by the Playoffs: 11-13 November. The CPL finals will be held in China 15-18 December. Players must be available for these dates, the announced winners must be available to attend the final in China.

    Players are reminded that must be Level 10 or higher, and have rating points of at least 1500, to participate. Make sure you sign up today, you have to be in it, to win it!



    1.Matches are held on the Altar of Strife map, with Teams playing in a 5v5 format. Each team may ban 5 heroes. Victory: destroy your opponent's Aegis or force your opponents to surrender.

    2.Group Stage matches are played from 19:30-22:30 EST through random matchmaking. Points are obtained by winning matches, and lost, for losing matches. The 4 teams with the most points at midnight on 7 November will enter the Playoffs.

    3.In the Playoffs, the top four leading teams will be matched up based on their points earned, for best-of 3 knockout matches. Matches shall continue until a Champion is determined. 

    4.Participants must log in to the Tournament Server and enter their Team Lobby 15 minutes before their matches start. Players arriving more than 5 minutes late shall be penalized. 

    5.Participants will play tournament matches on Tournament Servers using official accounts with unique Tournament IDs. (If you have problems with your Tournament Account, please contact the referee and provide the number of your backup account. R2Games bears no liability for issues related to account abuse, misuse or misbehavior.)

    6.Tournament Accounts must be level 30, and have access to all heroes (excluding banned heroes), and to max. level Glyphs and Jewels.

    7.Participants need to provide their personal information and match that with their personal game account. Prizewinners shall be determined and notified based exclusively on these details.

    8.During the match, only registered players and substitutes may participate. Substitutions made during match play require referee approval. 

    9.Times for all Playoff matches are system determined. Any Team that is late will be penalized by the system.

    10.Opponents for the first match will be assigned randomly. If multiple rounds are being played, Teams will switch sides at the end of each round.

    11.Teams that abandon their match will lose their Tournament qualification status and not receive any prizes.

    12.Use of any third party software (except for voice chat) is strictly forbidden.

    13.Tournament organizers shall have the final decision for all matters during Tournament play.

  • Heroes Evolved declares EVA major update

    In-game events October 19th

    Dear players, 

    We have some special news about our newest update, we know a lot of you have been playing since the beginning. Offering advice where you can, reporting bugs and giving us the best feedback we could ask for. Well it’s paid off and we try to read every message and post you send us! 


    In the update, we have created the tournament sign up system; players can sign up from October 19th, 2016, don’t forget! We will also release 5 new Heroes, plus skins so let us know which new Hero you prefer!. 

    For the upcoming Halloween festival, We have some awesome events inbound to celebrate the spooky time of the year. Also don’t forget to read our new chapter of Heroes Evolved comic.

    View all updated contents here, and feel free to let us you what you think about this update.

    Heroes Evolved operation team

  • Triple XP and Super Hero Weekend!

    In-game events October 14th

    Dear Players,

    To give more players a fighting chance, for our upcoming Heroes Evolved Championship tournament; we are giving all players access to currently available Heroes, and tripling the experience earned this weekend, from October 14 to 16, 6 PM to 9 PM EST. 


    We want to include as many players in our recently announced, Heroes Evolved Championship with $60,000 USD. Every hero has an array of skills and abilities that combine with the skills of their allies in unexpected ways. Bring your friends, figuring out more strategies that suit your team to compete your future opponents in the tournament. 

    If you’re a new player, make sure you play this weekend to reach level 11. Form a team and have a chance to win a share of $60,000 USD, visit our forum to find your teammates. Winners will be flown all expenses paid to China to compete in the Grand Final. More details can be found here.

    You can also get in touch with us on our Facebook page here , or feel free to join the community on the forums here

    Good luck, have fun and see you on the battlefield!

  • Major Tournament Announcement!

    Tournament October 14th

    Hello everyone! This may be one the most exciting blogs we have written so far. Since launching Beta we have been waiting until the time is right to launch our first tournament. We have been given the greenlight to let you know that our first, ever, eSports league will start on 28th October!

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am so happy to announce the Heroes Evolved Championship.

    The prize pool for the American finalist teams will be $60,000 USD; the winners will be flown, all expenses paid,  to China to compete in the world final against teams from other regions. With an even bigger prize up for grabs! The winners will also be crowned the Heroes Evolved Champion, a title not easily earned.


    Sign up for the event will begin on the 19th October and ends the 31st October. The first round of matches will be the 28th October until November the 6th. The play-offs for the final four teams will be 11th-13th of November with the world final taking place in China, mid December.

    Teams will need to be readily available for the finals and hold a Passport that allows them to travel to China. R2Games will help in Visa processing and handling.

    For more information you can send us a message via our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

    Good luck!

  • New Hero -- LOTUS has released today.

    Heroes & Skins October 10th

    Hey players, we have a new hero for you to sink your teeth into! The best thing about new heroes? You can develop strategies before anyone else can discover a counter move! Obtain Lotus and smash the other team before they can even figure out what to do!

    Before we introduce her let’s remind you how to get more involved. If you want to make Heroes Evolved better, you can get in touch with us on our Facebook page here, or feel free to join the community on the forums here.

    So let’s say hi to LOTUS! She’s just as likely to break your neck, as she is to turn it! Armed with a Pipa (pronounced Pee-Pah), an ancient Chinese instrument, she can heal herself and up to two heroes with the Spring Blossoms skill. She can also deal magical damage to 5 random enemies with Waltz of the Lark, granting extra movement speed to herself and two ally heroes, slowing an enemy with her next attack. Not to mention confusing an enemy with the Mystic Melody!


    If you are facing her as an enemy you should be careful of her Ultimate skill. Her Phoenix Rising song can freeze all enemies in range, however, when she is attacked the stasis is debuffed; if you don’t stop her in 5 seconds, all frozen enemies are dealt magical damage! 

    Make sure you make the most of this new hero before someone writes a guide countering LOTUS! See you on the battlefield!

  • FAWNA’s Hunter Gatherer skin released today.

    Heroes & Skins October 6th

    If you have yet to meet FAWNA, you may have heard from some players that there is a character that is great to play, hard to counter and slightly annoying when they are not on your team. 

    Say hi to FAWNA, a firm fan favourite (or monstrosity) because he is fast, has ranged attacks, and can get away from danger in the blink of an eye! We’re sure FAWNA will be around to bug enemies and friends alike.

    Today we’re here to talk about some new stuff! Mainly FAWNA is getting a new outfit, the Hunter Gatherer Skin is available today, embrace your inner animal and show everyone what separates man from beast.


    To celebrate the launch of the new skin and Heroes Evolved the price has been reduced to 700 Gems, only until October 12th however!

    And if that was not enough, if you equip the Hunter Gatherer skin and join a matchmade game in any map, Altar of Strife or Valley of War, you can win some cool stuff! Complete two games and receive 2 x Resurrection Stones, Accumulate 10,000 damage and receive 100 gold!

    Gear up with the new Hunter Gatherer skin for FAWNA and unleash his inner beast!

  • Heroes Evolved is coming to Steam!

    In-game events October 3rd

    In the world of game development there are few things that really make you feel proud; one of those is getting your game onto Steam via Greenlight. It’s where the players really let you know what they think, if they love the game they’ll vote yes. There were a lot of people reviewing Heroes Evolved and we are happy to say we made it through! We now know Heroes Evolved will definitely be on Steam! We are not sure when, as we want Steam players to play Heroes Evolved when it is ready; we are having an awesome Beta period and we want to keep this positive momentum going!


    If you want visit our Steam page you can do so here.Alternatively you can visit our forums , or Facebook page to join the community online.

    Thanks again to the players and the fans, for all the support you have given us. See you on the battlefield!

  • TITANUS has arrived, destroy the enemy and win gold!

    Heroes & Skins September 28th

    Once again a huge thankyou is needed for all of you, our players mean the world to us. We really want to hear what you think; if you can make Heroes Evolved better, you should send us a message on our Facebook page here, or feel free to be vocal on the forums here.

    Today is a special day, we have the chance to introduce our first new hero!TITANUS is a lean, mean smashing machine! Using his hammer he can crush any opponent before him; great to charge and smash a defensive formation.

    His skills make him hit harder, move faster and unleash rage on the enemy. To find out more check out his profile in Heroes Evolved!


    However, that is not all we want to let you know, there is also an event for 7 days until October the 4th. Use TITANUS to join a matchmade battle in any of our maps, Alter of Strife or Valley of War, to compete in our new character events!

    Complete two matches and receive 2x Resurrection Stones, Cause 10,000 damage and receive 100 gold! Events will reset at 3am EST server time, can only be claimed once per player. If that wasn’t enough we have reduced the price of TITANUS to 560 Gems! Try out the new hero and let us know what you think, see you on the battlefield!

  • Beta server extension! Adventure going on!

    In-game events September 18th

    Dear players,

    In order to keep improving Heroes Evolved, we are going to prolong the Beta Test period. We are also NOT going to reset players’ character level during or after Beta Test. Please feel free to enjoy Heroes Evolved and don’t miss Super Weekend Event!

    If you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs during your gameplay, you are welcome to submit them to our official forum.


  • First update coming since Beta Test

    In-game events September 14th

    Dear Players,

    Today we are going to ship the first update since we started Beta Test, we are excited to see players like Heroes Evolved, especially those who told us your suggestions. We value each feedback from players and we will continuously improve our product for better experience. In today's update, a brand new hero RAVEN will join your hero gallery, also with a customized skin.


    You can check more details about Raven in your hero gallery, if you like this hero please do not hestitate to purchase Raven and his skin because they are currently under 40% discount. Furthermore, players will have the chance to try all heroes and skins for free this weekend during Super Weekend Event, which players can also use CDKEY to redeem upto 30 battle items for free. Use these items in the right time may even change the entire situation. Click here to check the detailed update note and collect your CDKEY.

    In the future we will bascially update Heroes Evolved once a week, while we may release some minor updates more times to fix more bugs during Beta Test. If you like this game, do not forget to share our game to your friends, and please note only 3 seconds needed to download Heroes Evolved. To tell us more please come to our official forum.

    Heroes Evolved Operation team

  • What does it take to be a survey master? Find out how to obtain an awesome skin!

    Heroes & Skins September 12th

    Between the 12th and 18th of September, we need your help! We are conducting a survey to help us make the game YOU want to play! 

    We are all gamers here, but we also understand that not every player is the same. What we think is a really cool feature you may think is OP, that’s ‘Over-Powered’ if you didn’t know already. We need you to fill out this questionnaire to help us figure out what we need to fix. The more people that help us the faster we can deliver a truly awesome game that everyone will love. Click here to go to the survey. Don’t forget to fill in your user ID number to receive the gifts in time!


    Besides having your feedback, opinions, and suggestions personally read by the team; which is pretty awesome in itself, we’ll gift all participants 200 gems as well as a skin card to be redeemed after official server launch.The card can on be exchanged for any skin except limited edition, but it will remain in your account when the game launches globally. So fill in the survey here to help make Heroes Evolved! Remember to fill in your user ID number to receive the awesome gifts!

    UID submitted should be like the one in following screenshot:              


  • Double Gold Weekend!

    In-game events September 9th

    Hey everyone! We are in a super good mood, because we have had a large number of supporters for the Beta test! Since we’re already giving you lots of cool stuff just for playing, we thought it would be great to give you all a BOGOF deal! 


    However, we don’t know what you guys want yet, so we figured a Double Gold by playing game, which would give you all the chance to grab what you want!

    Only available this weekend on the 10th and 11th of September! Join us and sign up today!

  • Free thank you gifts for becoming a Beta tester!

    In-game events September 9th

    Today we launch the Beta at 12pm EST! If you have signed up already, we want to gift you some cool rewards, if you haven’t what are you waiting for? Join us now! These gifts will not be deleted when we launch the game around the world, but they are only available during the Beta test, so make sure you claim them!

    every day for 7 days.jpg

    The first set of rewards comes in the form of Gift Packs, players can open a Gift Pack every day for 7 days, every 24 hours to be exact! The timer starts when you log in for the first time and every 24 hours after that.

    7 days rewards.jpg

    But wait! There’s more! New players also receive a Weekly VIP Card, found in your game backpack. This card runs until 18th September and is active for 7 days, when you do, you will be able to unlock the VIP options and see a whole new experience!

    As well as all these cool items, players who wish to recharge will also be given a Hero Exchange Card! Not to mention 35 resurrection stones, 35 protection stones and a Sun Wukong Contract for 3 days! If you don’t think that’s a good deal then you can meet me on the battlefield. See you in the arena!

  • Beta launch date announced! Get involved with Heroes Evolved!

    In-game events September 8th

    Welcome, players, to the official Beta launch of Heroes Evolved! We will open the Beta client from September 9th to September 18th. All players around the world are welcome to join, but servers are based in North America for Beta testing. After we fix all the issues you help us find, we shall start to deploy dedicated regional servers. 

    Any items you buy and any accounts you create will NOT be deleted. We want to reward you guys for helping us, and we need your help do that! However, we will be resetting all character levels and game results once the Beta closes.


    Interested in helping us develop Heroes Evolved? This is what we need from Beta players: we want as much feedback as you can provide! Suggestions in all forms are valuable, and there is no such thing as a bad idea. We want to make a game for YOU - our players - and although we are all gamers ourselves we still love hearing your ideas and what you think!

    Please report any and all errors you find! There might be some technical issues when we launch globally, and we want to make sure that is reduced to as few as possible. 

    Don't forget to share the Beta details! We need as many players to play so we can really test our system. Helps us out and make sure YOUR suggestions count!

  • We have something special for Super Weekend, can you handle it?

    In-game events September 8th

    First we would like to thank all of you, the Beta players, helping us make Heroes Evolved a truly great game. 

    We want to make the game you want to play, the only way to do that is for you to let us know what you think! Your mission is not over, we need you to keep playing when we launch and keep reporting those bugs! We also love to hear how we can make it better. If you think a Hero is too OP, send us a message. You’ve created a cool item that could counter one already in the game? Tell us about it!


    However there is still one objective in this Beta, we will unlock all characters and all skins in this weekend! All players are free to send every hero to the battlefield! Find your favourite and challenge others in the Super Weekend!

  • Are you prepared for the early access release?

    In-game events August 30th

    The time has come to join players around the world for the new Action Real Time Strategy game from Net Dragon and Reality Squared Games.

    In September 2016, history will be made as the most efficient online battle arena is open to players. Join us in our Beta launch to receive several thank you gifts that you can use when the game officially launches.


    But why play Heroes Evolved? With our micro-client you can go from reality to the battlefield in seconds, our super fast download speed means no hanging around waiting for your friends! There is huge catalogue of heroes, with new characters joining the game all the time! You don't need to worry about countering combat styles, you can be adaptable or as lethal as you want to be.

    If you feel a little nervous charging into battle with people from around the world, you can always play in our PVE play mode, which launches late 2016. This enables you to develop strategies, practice combos and gain experience before unleashing hellfire around the world.

    After you meet the community, you can challenge other teams to a 10v10 in our custom game mode. Don't forget to join our community and get involved!

    As well as playing Heroes Evolved before anyone else, if you join us during the Beta launch you will be able to open a gift pack every 24 hours, for 7 days. Players will also receive a free VIP card, that opens and unlocks new options. Play the VIP experience and see what you're missing!

    After the Beta launch there may be some changes, you are personally invited to give as much feedback or as many suggestions as you like. We want to make the game you want to play! Because of this we may need to reset game results after the Beta, player accounts will still stay so you can play your heroes when we are official launch!

  • How much do you know about Heroes Evolved

    In-game events August 29th

    With the launch of the awesome new game, Heroes Evolved, comes a fantastic 13 page comic to sink your teeth into.


    “When Zakar, the sorcerer king, obtained power beyond all others, he showed an ultimate magic to the world. With humanity forced to live underground by the sorcerer king, in a secret city built from the Earth, one man has dedicated his life to combatting the evil that accommodates the land above. High Priest Leighton has finally discovered a magic that rivals the sorcerer king Zakar. Norman, the heir to this powerful magic, is thrust into a deadly adventure that can lead the world to salvation, or its ultimate destruction.”

    Make sure to check out the comic series here!


    We are also on the lookout for player made fan art and additions to the comics, if you have an artistic streak, put it to good use to win some special gifts. Don’t forget to follow us online to stay up to date with news, events and other players!

  • Welcome to Heroes Evolved!

    In-game events August 25th


    Welcome to Heroes Evolved — The team-based multiplayer battle arena for the ages!

    It’s been a long road, and we are so pleased to welcome all players to the launch of Heroes Evolved. Join us on the battlefield, and discover the secrets of the Altar of Strife. Lead your chosen Hero into battle, vanquish your foes, and claim your victory, Champion!

    We look forward to hearing your thoughts and feelings on the game. If you’d like to get involved, leave us some feedback, or simply connect with other players, check below for the relevant links to our community pages.